What is self publishing?

When you have written a book or other kind of media the first and foremost thing you are striving to do is giving it a broad publicity so that it can easily be marketed. In order to accomplish this you have to select a suitable mode of publishing. In the modern world self publishing has superseded all the traditional methods.

What is self publishing? In short it is the publication of the work by its producer without any involvement of professional publishers. The producer has to take responsibility of the entire process. They can decide whether they are going to do it all themselves or hand it over to a suitable self publishing company while they are in control of each and every part of the process. When we are talking about self publishing mainly there are two types to be considered, e books and printed books.

An E book comes in digital form and can be read on sophisticated electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones that have controllable viewing screens. These E books are produced using a variety of formats and tools. epub, mobi, PDF, and HTML are some of the most popular formats that offer online tools to create E books. As E books are published and sold online they have become very popular among self publishers.
When it comes to physical books they have to be printed privately by the author. He is solely responsible for the design of the cover and interior, formats, price distribution, marketing and public relations. If he decides it is better get it done by a suitable company that provides the relevant services, he can do accordingly.
The main difference between self publishing method and traditional publishing methods is that self publishing is done by the author himself without handing it over to a publishing house who charges a colossal sum of money. In traditional methods the author has to enter in to an agreement with the publishing house. Most of the publishers pay the authors a percentage of what they earn from selling the product. Hence they always give priority to renowned authors whose books will sell well. As a result new authors find very difficult to publish their books. Most authors at present are willing to recourse to self publishing because it is less expensive, accessible to all and more convenient. The most important advantage of self publishing is that self publishing differs from traditional publishing in witch the author does not own the print run of finished books and is not in primary control of their distribution.