The advantages of being a self published author

If you want an opportunity to be an acclaimed author, get proficient in your life and fulfill your great purpose of being a published author, there are three main advantages of self publishing that you need to know today. They are Control of Production, publish runs and profitability. I will explain each of these advantages in this article, and show how you can leverage them to create your own ultimate time management system.

Control of production is the first, if not the best advantage of self publishing. Publishers would want to invest in already established authors. They do not give you the opportunity to show the star that shines in you. If you do not get the opportunity to have your jobs published in either ebooks or printed books, why put the effort? Self publishing will work for you and make you create compelling goals as you retain complete control of the planning, editing, publishing, and marketing process.
Publish Runs: I have in the past listened to authors argue that conventional publishing certainly create larger print runs compared to self publishing. This is absolutely true. The traditional publisher will normally run a print in the large quantity of thousands, while an author into self publishing has to spend for the entire manufacturing himself could find it difficult to publish more than a thousand copies of the printed books. When it comes to self-published books, all rights belong to the author.
Increasing productivity through self publishing is actually easy once you have control of production. It is understood clearer if you understand the 80/20 rule, which states that a majority of your results on task will come from just a few, key performances. Any author that is prepared to go out and promote himself will achieve maximum success at marketing eBooks or printed books as a publisher and might even get a publisher’s attention down the road. As an Author, you can as well get help from companies that are into publicity. Many of these publicity companies are very affordable today.

Control of production puts you on the right route for your goal. Increasing your productivity will accelerate the process at which you get your desired result. There are really many other advantages of self publishing, but these 3 are the greatest.