How it works

Creating an ebook in less than 5 minutes, is that possible?

With Booqla – yes.

Import your Word format manuscript, check the result in the previewer and fix text errors directly in the editor. Save. Done. Click and download your publish-ready, validated ebook files instantly. It has never been easier.

5 steps to finished ebook:

1. Register
2. Add author and publisher
3. Import your script
4. Add meta-data
5. Save and download the publish-ready ebook files

Pictures and/or footnotes in your manuscript are included automatically. No manual image by image or footnote by footnote import.

You pay for the first download only. Log in to update your ebook or correct typos anytime. Download the new versions free of charge.

Creating flawless ebooks with Booqla is

– Fast
– Inexpensive
– Easy
– Flexible
– Complete – Epub and Mobi, Fb2 files, plus 2-chapter samples in both formats.