How does Booqla work?

Booqla is an online application. No software downloads or license agreements are necessary to use it. Register a free account. Fill in your book’s data. Add your text manuscript. Use the Booqla editor and previewer. Then pay the one-time flat fee and download your ebook and sample files. Log in any time for fixes and updates. New version downloads are free of charge.

Can anyone use Booqla?

Yes. Booqla is absolutely code-free for the user. Just add the text manuscript and Booqla will create the ebook’s structure and code.

Booqla was developed for publishers and writers who want a fast, easy, cost-efficient way to create and update ebooks.

Businesses servicing the self-publishing community who are interested in using Booqla, or in adding the application seamlessly into their web site, please contact our support info@booqla.se

What type of text documents can I use?

Almost any type of text document will do (.docx, .doc, .ttf, .txt, etc). No PDFs. We recommend Microsoft Word or Open Office for best results, but copy/pasting from a Scrivener manuscript will work, too. Booqla will retain most of the manuscript’s formatting – cursives for example – minimizing the need to use the Booqla editor.

Can I import a complete manuscript instead of copy/pasting chapter by chapter?

You can import full manuscripts saved as .docx. Booqla will then create ebook chapter sections automatically, provided the manuscript’s chapter headings use Word’s default Chapter Headings formatting. Check the Booqla Tutorial for details.

Can I use images in my ebook?

Yes. It’s easy to add jpg images. The images will appear where you placed them, between text paragraphs. At present it’s not possible to do a more advanced layout. See the Booqla Tutorial for details.

Can I design page layouts for my ebooks?

No. The present options in Booqla’s editor ensures that your ebook will have a similar look on most devices and reader apps. Newer formats with more advanced layout, like Epub3 and KF8, will not display correctly on older devices, and sometimes not at all.

What type of ebook formats can I create using Booqla?

Epub2 and Mobi.

Can I download my ebook to my computer?

Of course. You paid for the files and it’s your ebook! Booqla simply creates the files. Upload your files directly with distributors and retailers.

Can I sell my ebook through other retailers than Booqla?

You can sell your ebook anywhere you please, as long as you are the copyright holder.

My book is not in English. Can I still create an ebook using Booqla?

Booqla supports most languages that have UTF-8 coding.  You can change the text order right-to-left in the Booqla editor if the ebook’s language require it.

Can I sell print books through Booqla?

Not at present.

Will my ebook work on all devices and in all apps?

While Booqla can’t give a 100% guarantee, so far we have yet to encounter a device or an app where a Booqla-made ebook file didn’t work.

Do I own the rights to my ebook?

The copyright remains with the copyright holder. Booqla has no rights whatsoever to any ebooks created using its service.

Are there other costs that could add on to the one-time flat fee?

No. You pay for the first download of the ebook files and samples. That’s it. There are no hidden fees. If you discover errors in the text later, fix them in the Booqla editor and download a new corrected ebook file at no extra cost.

Will my ebook be automatically uploaded to retailers via Booqla?

Not at present. We are looking into making this a possibility in the future.

What is the right image size for ebooks?

There is no one right size. Your ebook can be read on various e-reading devices, tablets, cell phones and computers – all with different screen sizes. Larger images will be scaled down to fit within the margins of the e-reading software, but smaller images will never be shown with more pixels than the image actually contains.

The currently recommended size for a full screen image is 1536 pixels wide and 2048 pixels in height (2015).

It’s a good idea to use this size for the cover image. For other images in the ebook you decide approximately how much of the screen minus the software’s margins the image should cover. The only way to ensure what the image will look like is to check it out on as many devices and in as many apps as possible. Keep in mind you only pay for the first file download with Booqla. You can experiment with image sizes and make new ebook versions until you are satisfied with the result with no extra cost involved.