Self publishing

What is self publishing?

When you have written a book or other kind of media the first and foremost thing you are striving to do is giving it a broad publicity so that it can easily be marketed. In order to accomplish this you have to select a suitable mode of publishing. In the modern world self publishing has […]

The advantages of being a self published author

If you want an opportunity to be an acclaimed author, get proficient in your life and fulfill your great purpose of being a published author, there are three main advantages of self publishing that you need to know today. They are Control of Production, publish runs and profitability. I will explain each of these advantages […]

Advantages of self publishing

Progress and change in publishing has been as revolutionary as it has been in education and entertainment. The conventional route via an agent, book publisher and then bookshop is now history. One popular publisher reveals that only 1% of the sales of his bestselling book are through bookshops; 95 percent are sold through alternative methods. […]