to conquer the Middle Eastern ebook market

What is

Booqla is a webbased service where publishers and authors easily can register and create their ebooks, not using the so common import of PDF but to work with their manuscripts in for example Word or Open office. The result is not only ebooks in both Epub and Mobi formats but ebooks of high quality, readable in all tables of today. The client owns the rights of the file and can at any time come back and edit their file online. We have made it so there is no need of license or any program, you simply need a unit with internet access.

How come you created Booqla?

When we started working on Booqla we knew that the ebook market was expanding and that there would be possiblities to make ourselves a name in the business but we didnt have an idea that it was lacking so many fundamental features. We started working on Booqla to make a difference and offer a good service simply, in comparison to the existing PDF import services which are all of very low standards.

What has been the response since you launched?

It is only two months since we launched in September 2014 and we have already had a huge response from clients saying that what we offered is exactly what they have been missing. We are really in the zone as you would say in sports and every feature we launch just bring us even more ahead on the Swedish market. There is to be honest no competition at all and the companies that have been around longer than us, they are focusing on physical books rather than ebooks. This gives us a real edge.

Tell us about the latest feature that you have launched

It is the Right to Left feature allowing clients from the Middle east to publish their books. The idea is the same as on the Swedish market but since books are read from right to left we made a modification. Now we have opened up a whole new market for Booqla and we have only recently started contacting possible partners in Arabic / Persian speaking countries.

Why this feature?

We got contacted by a few publishers in Sweden asking why we didnt offer Right to Left. Well, to be honest we never had that in mind that we would create such a feature. When we had gotten five calls in two days we realized that it was something in it and we decided to give it a go.

I also read about the subject online and all information was the same, there really is no solutions at all for publishers and authors to create ebooks in a simple way. Incredible! Such a huge market and no services. So the decision was easy, we created the feature

What can you offer potential partners in the middle east?

We can offer two possible ways. One is simply to set up a service where we are the owners and invite the publishers and authors to register and create their books. Not much different from any online service such as

The second way is more interesting and increases value of both our service and our clients service. It is to implement Booqla on to an existing service, such as a ebook store online. That way the service can be both producer and reseller of the books. It would be an middle eastern Amazon KDP.

What do you see for Booqla in the future?

We are going to continue developing more features. There are still a few steps to be taken until we are at a point where we can say that we are more or less ready. The features themselves are not make or break for us but it increases the value of our service to our clients