Advantages of self publishing

Progress and change in publishing has been as revolutionary as it has been in education and entertainment. The conventional route via an agent, book publisher and then bookshop is now history. One popular publisher reveals that only 1% of the sales of his bestselling book are through bookshops; 95 percent are sold through alternative methods. A viable alternative method is Self-publishing.

To self-publish a book means to actually take it upon yourself to look for people to offer the services you need to create, print and distribute your book


Whether self-publishing articles, magazines, printed books or ebooks, the issues and benefits are the same. The difference between self-publishing articles or ebooks and publishing through traditional publishers, are the differences in what you want to earn, how fast you want to earn it and the control you have over what you say to your audience.
Control: One of the primary benefits of self-publishing is that you are in control. If you’ve ever tried to “pitch” a traditional publisher, you know that the ball is definitely not in your court, but theirs. They have the final verdict which does not always play to your favor. When you self-publish, you are in control. It is your game and you can truly win in all aspects because you have the final decision on everything that takes place. No worrying if your book will end up like you wanted it to be or if you’ll be disappointed with the changes. No one will make changes you do not want. This is a huge and positive benefit to self-publishing.

Profit. Not only do you get paid as a self-publisher, but you can virtually obtain 100% of the profits if done correctly. There are expenses involved in self-publishing, however, once these investments have been made and you begin selling your book, you will pocket all your profits rather than paying a publishing company or having a vanity publisher pocket a percentage of your profits. When you 100% self-publish your own book the money you earn is yours to keep!

Time duration. The third benefit of self-publishing is the length of time that it takes to complete your book from start to finish, from manuscript to holding the published work in your hands, self-publishing is much faster. With traditional publishing, this can take quite a bit of time. Especially if you have to search for a publishing company who wants to take you on to begin with, that process in itself could take months or years. On the other hand with self-publishing your book can be designed, printed and distributed in as little as two months.

The truth is that self-publishing is becoming more and more popular. 78% of in-print titles come from small press or self-publishers and as you can see from the previous posts, as an author self-publishing you are given control, it helps you to make the most profit and is not nearly as long of a process as traditional publishing.

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